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The Center for Moral Clarity

Defending Truth, Shaping Culture

Rod Parsley founded the Center for Moral Clarity in 2004 to defend biblical truth and shape our nation’s wayward culture. Since then, he has used it to advocate for public policy that reflects a biblical worldview on the issues of life, faith, marriage, family, religious liberties, social justice and citizenship.

Membership in CMC is free (click here to join). Members receive frequent updates on the pressing moral issues of the day through the CMC national e-mail. CMC focuses not only on national and worldwide issues, but also on political issues in its home state of Ohio, and a national e-mail is produced on a regular basis as well for members living there.

CMC is also Pastor Parsley’s platform to speak through the local, national and world media to the broader culture. The organization’s primary role is to interpret the issues of the day in a biblical context for a church that is once again learning about its proper role in the culture and advocating for the concerns of the millions of men and women who have come to be known as “values voters.”

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