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Life Matters Most

The sanctity of human life is the pre-eminent moral issue of our time. Because life is precious to God, it must be precious to His people. Clearly, Christians are called to defend life in the public square as well as in our private actions.

Abortion has become the defining debate of our nation since 1973, when an activist Supreme Court discerned a fundamental right to privacy that can’t be found in a plain reading of the U.S. Constitution. The direct result of that decision has been the state-sanctioned murder of millions of babies – by one 2008 estimate, the number is 50 million and counting. A secondary result of the decision is a continual coarsening of the value of life, seen most prominently in the debate over human embryonic stem-cell research and in the rush to euthanize people who seem to have outlived their earthly usefulness.

The passion of CMC – and, hopefully, of anyone who claims the name of Jesus Christ – for these issues can be found in the links at the left of this screen.

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