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Register to Vote
Voting: The Privilege of a Democracy

There’s no greater civic responsibility than taking the time to cast a ballot whenever the polls are open. Unfortunately, only about half of all Christians are registered to vote, and only about half of those people regularly turn out on Election Day.

If no one bothered to vote, we wouldn’t have a democracy. Every year hundreds of local elections across America are decided by just one vote — and that one vote could be yours! Voting is a tremendous right and privilege Americans enjoy – but to vote, you must first be registered. If you’re not registered, or you’re unsure about your status, click here to register now. Please note that you’ll be generating a form to print, complete and mail. Online voter registration isn’t available in every state.

Note: You can register to vote through this Web site everywhere the process is permitted by law. Residents of North Dakota and Wyoming cannot use this process to register. In New Hampshire, town and city clerks will accept applications generated by this process only as a request for their own mail-in absentee voter registration form. Please also note the deadlines each state has established for voter registration in advance of the next general election. You can find that information for that state here.

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