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Why petition our government?

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Why petition our government?

There are many ways to engage the culture and exercise your civic responsibilities in this nation. In addition to voting, you can volunteer in your community, serve as a poll worker or on a jury, help with a campaign or run for office yourself. You can write a letter to a local newspaper editor or an elected official.

The First Amendment not only ensures freedom of speech and religion, but also guarantees your right to petition the government in just this way! Our nation’s founding document, the Declaration of Independence, and subsequent revolution, followed a number of American colonists’ petitions that were ignored by King George III of England. It should come as no surprise that officials of U.S. government generally have been more responsive to petitions than was the stubborn British Monarch.

Rod Parsley, CMC’s founder and president, also initiates citizen petitions on vital moral issues to encourage CMC members and other believers to join their voices together and collectively advance their God-informed opinions. He asks that you make good use of your constitutionally protected right to petition.

Click the links at the left to participate in our action alerts, and check this page often for updated petition campaigns.

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