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Our Vision

CMC believes public policy serves the nation and its citizens well only when it draws from the truth of God’s Word. So we advocate for the biblical position on matters of life, faith, marriage, family, religious liberties, social justice and citizenship.

Following the vision of our founder and president, Rod Parsley, CMC has become a Christ-centered voice for the most functional values man has yet discovered – those revealed in Scripture. Through prayer, information and activism, CMC challenges public servants to adopt laws based on biblical values, and empowers individual “values voters” to take seriously the command of Jesus Christ to be salt and light in our culture.

Grassroots activism works best when passionate people channel their energies to causes that move them. “Values voters” across the country rely on CMC to keep them informed on moral issues and to understand how biblical values can shape public policy.

CMC’s ultimate allegiance is to the truth of God’s Word, not to a political party. Since we are involved in issues of justice as well as issues of righteousness, labels like “Religious Right” or “Religious Left” simply don’t fit us. We believe that to be morally consistent, one must be politically unpredictable.

CMC’s headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio. The organization is national in scope and also works extensively on issues in its home state.

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